Our Policies

Color Accuracy:

Although we do our best to make sure that the colors printed on our web site are accurate, actual colors will vary. In addition, subtle color differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and/or display cards. Due to the fact that our products are all custom made, and can't be returned, you need to be sure that you can live with any color variations that are possible from our scanning of the actual samples. Please keep in mind that some products may still have minimal color variations as stated by the manufacturers. In addition to the above considerations regarding color, we'd like to suggest that you order all of your blinds of a given color at one time. There are sometimes slight variations between dye lots.


14-Day Price Guarantee:

Worried that a product you want may go on sale soon? If you buy a product from us and see it at a lower price within 14 calendar days after your original purchase, just let us know and we'll refund the difference!

Be sure that the sale item has the same options as your original selection, and that the sale price is live on the site you contact us to claim the guarantee. If these criteria are met, we'll give you a credit for the difference in price, plus tax.


Fabric Back lighting:

"Back lighting" happens when light filters in through translucent fabrics from behind. Our swatches don't show you the effect of back lighting, which can soften colors and highlight fabric textures.

Secure Internet Commerce:

What is online security?

When you place orders all of your information is processed through our secure server. 3ashades.ca utilizes industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts all your information before it is sent to us. If you would prefer not to place your order online simply send us email with your contact information and a customer service representative will contact you to take order.

Your Private Information Will Remain Confidential

We respect your privacy. All personal information you provide to us will remain absolutely confidential and be used solely to communicate better with you. We have never and will never share your information with anyone.


Window Measurements:

For both inside and outside mounts the finished measurements of the window treatment are from the top of the headrail to the bottom of the bottomrail (or in the case of verticals the bottom of the vanes) for the height. The width is from the left edge of the window treatment to the right edge.

Inside mount: An inside mount fits within the window frame. On inside mounts specific deductions are taken by the factory for operating clearance. These deductions vary for each manufacturer and each product and are only approximate deductions. For more specific details please go to to the product page for the product you are interested in on our site before completing your order.

Outside mount: An outside mount overlaps the window opening. Allowances are not taken by the manufacturer on this product. This is because you will need to supply us the exact measurements that you would like the window treatment to be. This includes adding extra for the width and the height to clear any trim etc if you so wish.

Payment Options:

Since all window treatments from 3ashades.ca are custom made to your specifications, all orders are paid for when your order is placed. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted online. Cashier's cheques, personal cheques and money orders must be mailed to our office before your order is started. All orders paid by cheque will require a holding period of 5-7 calender days for your cheque to clear before the order will be put into production.


Changes, Cancellations and Refunds:

Because our products are custom made to your exact specifications, they are not suitable for resale in the ordinary course of business. Therefore, it is important that you are sure of your decisions before you finalize your purchase. Below are some points about how we handle cancellations and changes:

Since production typically starts the morning after the order is placed,Cancellations and changes can only be made for a period of 24 calendar hours after your online order is finalized. If you choose to cancel order, we will give you credit towards buying any of our products.

Exchange only. No refunds. 

Address changes are not permitted once the manufacturer has shipped your product.

On extremely rare occasions there may be delays caused by out-of-stock materials, shipping delays, temporary factory overload, holidays, or other factors beyond our control. In the event of a known delay and a manufacturer notifies us, you will be contacted that day.

We reserve the right to reject any order, at our discretion.

Discontinued and/or Back Ordered Items:

Some products may be discontinued or placed on backorder. 3ashades.ca will make every effort to remove discontinued items as soon as we are made aware of them and will notify you whenever we receive notice of any backorders. Also see "Delivery Times" noted below.If product you ordered is discontinued, you have choice of getting refund or getting credit towards buying any of our products.


Promotional Code, Discount and Coupon Exclusions:

*Promotions or discounts - Not redeemable for cash, gift cards, gift certificates or store credit. Offer valid only while supplies last or until expiration date and not applicable to canceled orders due to out-of-stock merchandise. Discount does not apply to taxes, shipping and handling charges or similar charges. Returns or exchanges where a restock, remake or other discount was applied may result in an adjusted refund amount. Promotional offers may be modified or terminated at any time without notice.


**Discount Exclusions: Stackable promotions are those that offer an additional discount incentive on top a current and valid coupon code or promotion. Limit one stackable coupon per order. Must be used in one transaction. Cannot be combined with any other stackable offers or used for previously purchased merchandise. Not redeemable for cash, gift cards, or gift certificates. Offer valid only while supplies last or until expiration date listed and not applicable to canceled orders due to out-of-stock merchandise. Discount does not apply to taxes, shipping and handling charges or similar charges. Returns or exchanges where a restock or remake or other discount was applied may result in an adjusted refund amount.


Stackable promotions or discounts do not apply to the following sales events: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Anniversary Sale or End of Year Clearance. Promotional offers may be modified or terminated at any time without notice.


Sitewide Sale Exclusions:

Select products, at times, may be excluded from promotional discounts during a sitewide sale. In this situation, a specific product or products will not display a discount when viewed and no discount will apply to the cost of an excluded item when a promotion is applied at checkout. Varying products may be excluded from a promotion at any time. Products excluded from a sale will be visible on the website or promotional materials.

Promotion and Sale Details:

Information on promotional offers and discounts for merchandise.

Save up to "A Specific Percent"

Promotional messaging and sales that include "up to" phrasing describe a tiered sales event in which the mentioned sale items would be discounted at a percentage number within a range described in the promotion.

"Selected products" references the specific items currently on sale. Save "up to" any percent is a general term to define the maximum discount within a range of discounts included in that sale. Products on sale can be listed at a discount anywhere between 1% - a set maximum percent off standard retail value in this example. All sale items and their individual discounts will be displayed on the website on each sale item. Promotions of this type may be for any sale percentage.


Save up to 45% sitewide - All items will be on sale but at different discounts ranging up to 45%.

Save up to 50% on selected products - Selected items on sale will vary in discounts that range up to 50% off.

Shipping Information:

Shipping Methods & Charges: - All orders ship with NO DUTY or CUSTOM CHARGES!, we offer FREE SHIPPING throughout Canada. For the fastest service possible, we ship most products directly from the manufacturing facility usually to your front door via freight carrier.  

No shipments can be made to PO Box addresses.

Address changes are not permitted once the manufacturer has shipped your product.


Shipments to the United States - For shipments to addresses in the United States, there may be extra DELIVERY, DUTY or CUSTOM CHARGES!


Delivery Times – Our estimated delivery time is 10 to 21 days. Delivery times given are estimates based on normal production and shipping times. Delivery times may vary depending on the product. Therefore, please contact us for a better estimate of delivery times. The estimated delivery times include working days after our receipt of your completed order and exclude weekends, holidays and factory closing days. On occasions, there may also be delays caused by out-of-stock merchandise, inventory-taking, temporary factory overload, or other unforeseen problems. 3ashades.ca cannot be responsible for shipping delays caused by problems which are beyond its reasonable control.


Oversized Shipments:

Some carriers may charge extra for oversized products (Usually blinds wider than 80" wide), If there is extra delivery charge for oversized shipment, we will let you know before we process your order. 

Sales Tax:

Sales tax is automatically calculated for your province upon checkout.


Inspection of Merchandise:

It is highly recommend that you inspect all packages for damage.

Any damage needs to be noted on your Bill of Lading - any damage not noted is not eligible for a remake free of charge.

Product(s) with minor damage may be able to be used and should be accepted and noted.

There is a 14-day time period to report any unusable product for a remake.

Badly damaged product should be refused and reported to us. It will be remade immediately.


Inspect your merchandise as soon as you receive it and notify 3ashades.ca immediately if the merchandise has been damaged in shipment. Also, please check to make sure that the products you ordered were made exactly as you specified when you ordered them. If you notify 3ashades.ca that the merchandise has been damaged in shipment or was made incorrectly within 14 calendar days of the date that the merchandise is delivered to you, 3ashades.ca will have the damaged merchandise either repaired or replaced at no cost to you. If you do not notify 3ashades.ca that the merchandise has been damaged in shipment during this 14 day period, 3ashades.ca will not repair or replace the damaged merchandise at no cost to you. All damaged shipments must be signed for as damaged.



All our products come with 2 years limited or DVR warranty. We may offer 3 years  5 years, 10 years, 20 years or lifetime warranty if offered. on some products. 2 years warranty is free of cost. Customers have options to buy 3 years 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or lifetime warranty if offered.


Do I Need to Buy Hardware or Screws?                                                                                                 

All hardware is provided with the possible exception of screws. This is due to the fact that differing screws are needed in differing applications. In most applications a #6 x 1 1/2" screw is appropriate. However, the exact length and type of screw will vary depending on whether you are mounting your treatments into drywall, wood, concrete or metal. As a result many companies do not send mounting screws with your order. If you find no screws came with your order you will need to purchase some. As a rule of thumb you can assume two screws per bracket and 2 or 3 brackets per treatment.

If any other parts are missing, please contact us within 14 calendar days and we'll help you get replacement parts. If it has been more than 14 calendar days since you received your order, there will be a charge for any requested parts.


Commercial Orders

Any order containing 25 or more of the same product, of tax exempt status, or delivered to a non-residential address will be considered a commercial order.

Commercial orders do not qualify for our 100% Satisfaction or Perfect Fit™ Guarantees.

Referral Program

3A Shades will provide 5% site credits to certain users as a reward for referrals of new Buyer users. The promotion is based on existing users of the website ("Referrers") referring new Buyer users ("Referees") with the intention to buy our products. In some cases, the credit may be given in the form of coupon links or codes, where the Referrer in that case is the website itself. Credit must be used toward buying our products.

This is subject to the following conditions:

1.    The Referrer must be an existing user of the Website.

2.    All members of the program, referrer and referees are subject to all other terms and conditions of the website, which in case of dispute, are held above this section.

3.    All members of the program must be over the age of 16 years.

4.    Referees must be referred using the specific promotional links on http://3ashades.com/home/referral
  or via links in email or other promotional correspondence specific to this promotion.

5.    Users may be asked to provide verification of payment or other user information before receiving the credit.

6.    Any site credit that has been given in relation to this promotion non-transferable..

7.    Referrers will receive credit when the relevant matching Referee user fully releases payments with respect to a new order.

8.    This site credit may only be used for the purpose of buying our products.

9.    3A Shades reserves the right to review classifications of Referees as new Buyers for the purpose of this promotion, to ensure fair use of this promotion. To be eligible for this promotion, Referees must not have had any active account on 3A Shades from which a payment was made within the six (6) months immediately prior to creating the new account.

10.  3A Shades may require that both parties fill in and complete their profiles and/or pass identity checks before payments are released.

11.  This promotion may be withdrawn for a specific user or set of users, if significant reversals, fraud or charge-backs are observed, if 3A Shades believes that there is a risk of funds being subject to reversal or charge-back, in cases of disputes between Referee and Referrer, or for any other reason.

12.  For any specific Referrer user, 3A Shades may choose to cap the maximum value of site credit accrued by an individual or collection of users.

13.  3A Shades reserves the right to disallow use of this promotion in its sole and absolute discretion, with respect to fair use of this promotion, or to prevent any suspected fraud.

14.  3A Shades reserves the right to require submission of further information from any party applying to make use of this promotion, for investigating fraud and for risk management and related purposes, in particular to request evidence of bona fide transaction made with the site credit.

15.  3A Shades reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time.

16.  3A Shades reserves the right to cancel the promotion in any region if it is deemed or becomes unlawful to offer the promotion to any resident of that region.

17.  3A Shades reserves the right to cap the total site credit available under the program.

18.  Any site credit may not be duplicated, sold, traded or transferred in any manner, including but not limited to being withdrawn for cash.

19.  3A Shades reserves the right to reverse credit earned if it determines that the referrers or referees are not acting as users of the site in good faith.

20.  Referrals should have unique payment sources in order to qualify the parent for the referral credit.

21.  Bonus credit is only reserved for referring users who act at all times in good faith and who signed up to the site with actual intent of using the website for its intended purposes.

22.  3A Shades reserves the right to remove credit or remove users from participating in the program if the company determines the users to be acting in bad faith and are abusing the program.

23.  The decisions of management are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

24.  Management, employees of 3A Shades and its related companies are not eligible to participate in this program unless permission is granted.

25.  Any term or condition in these terms found to be void, unenforceable or illegal may be severed and the remaining terms and conditions will continue in full force and effect.

26.  3A Shades reserves the right to set the bonus credits for each individual referrer and individual referral users and to release said bonus credit in any currency the company sees fit.

27.  3A Shades is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to, direct or consequential loss) or for any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with entry into the competition or acceptance of the prize.

28.  Referees will get 5% off their total purchase price and Referrers will get 5% of referees purchase price.  Example: On purchase of our products worth $1000, referee will pay $950 and Referrer will get $50 credit.